Dr. Hilmy is a board certified interventional cardiologist with extensive experience in multiple cardiac sub-specialties. He is a graduate of All India Institute Of Medical Sciences. He completed his post graduate medical training at New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York. His training at that institution included medical internship, medical residency, general cardiology and interventional cardiology. He also sewed as the Chief Medial Resident and Ilnstructor of Medicine at the same institution.

Dr. Blake and Dr. Hilmy Were the original founders of the Heart Clinic group, an organization that revolutionized cardiology practice in the Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Hilmy was involved in initiating multiple programs for cardiac care since his arrival in the Rio Grande Valley. Some of these programs include:
– Coronary angioplasty
– Coronary stenting
– Peripheral artery disease therapy
– Coronary and peripheral atherectomy
– Nuclear cardiology
– Trans-esophageal echocardiography
– Cardiac Pacemaker and Defibrillator implant, including Biventricular Pacemakers and Defibrillators
– Carotid artery angioplasty and stenting. Dr. Hilmy was the principal investigator for the SAPPHIRE WORLD WIDE TRIAL in the Rio Grande Valley.

Dr. Hilmy is board certified in the specialty of Internal Medicine, the sub-specialty of Cardiovascular Diseases, and NASPE/HRS electrophysiology Certified Cardiac Device Management. He is a fellow of the American College Of Cardiology, Fellow Of the American College Of Chest Physicians, Fellow Of The Society Of Cardiac Angiography And Interventions, Member Of The American Heart Association. He is a lifetime member of the Texas Medical Foundation. Dr. Hilmy is the recipient of The American Heart Association Thomas Robertson Award and Heart Of Gold Award in recognition of his role in the development of numerous cardiac programs in the Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Hilmy is also a licensed nuclear cardiologist.

Dr. Hilmy’s research included the evaluation of the role of hydrochlorothiazide in altering vascular intra-cellular sodium content in hypertension, the evaluation of newer calcium channel blockers in management of cardiomyopathy, and the role of carotid stenting in the management of carotid stenosis.

Dr. Hilmy is the chief of cardiology and director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Harlingen Medical Center. He also serves as the chief of the medical executive committee and chief of the credentials committee at the same institution. He previously served as the chief of medicine, chief of cardiology, and director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Rio Grande Regional Hospital and McAllen Heart Hospital. Dr. Hilmy is also an instructor for aneurysm repair at Medtronic. Dr. Hilmy has staff privileges at:

– Harlingen Medical Center
– Valley Baptist Medical Center
– Knapp Medical center
– Solara Hospital

Dr. Hilmy and his partners at South Heart Clinic in Harlingen and Weslaco are accepting new patients who require cardiac care.